Crohn’s & Colitis UK

Building deeper relationships by improving the donor experience

Inspiring support and influencing action

Following a team overhaul and switch to remote working, the corporate fundraising team at this national charity needed both clarity about their offering but also a strategy on how to win. We conducted audits of their systems and content, as well as set up focus groups with C&C UK staff and their donors past and present to unearth key insights. This process highlighted that their own process was ultimately flawed with staff saying and sending out different comms, leaving prospective partners frustrated at a disjointed approach.

A fluid approach

Our initial discovery phase also revealed the ‘life-changing’ nature of how partners see their work and so this became the ‘big idea’ for the project. A simplified core proposition that spoke to both the commercial and life-changing benefits of partnering with C&C UK. Alongside a story-led approach to partnerships, sits a new “sub-brand” – a fluid visual identity that compliments the overall C&C UK brand while elevating corporate messaging. Under this sits a revised channel mix, designed to connect both the corporate teams and drive deeper engagement with their partners.