Redefining efficiency to create better access to care services

Making the effort

Care homes are notoriously poor at managing enquiries, with 91% never being followed up on. This results in thousands of families left in limbo and a huge amount of lost revenue every month. Not satisfied with the status quo, we co-developed the brand and CRM technology for Found – the only dedicated CRM system designed for the unique pace and nature of the care sector.

Working seamlessly

Found allows users to record more enquiries and save time thanks to its clever integrations with other systems, including Facebook and Google. In just 2 years, Found has transformed the efficiency of care enquiries, being adopted by over 1,000 care locations, and 4,000 team members. With over 15,000 sales enquiries recorded every month and 2,000 move-ins to date, it’s set to expand its reach and impact across the UK care sector.