Made in Japan

Transforming everyday mealtimes into daily special occasions

Keeping it special

Niche brands too often lose their way in the quest to expand – compromising what makes them special and risking the loyalty of diehard fans. Keen to build on their successful 2020 launch of authentically designed high-end Japanese tableware, we helped Made in Japan thoughtfully expand their customer reach globally by playing to their premium product strengths and connecting them with a growing desire to elevate mealtimes.

Elevating the everyday

Extensive customer research unlocked an appetite to break the monotony and elevate the experience of everyday home dining. Made in Japan tableware is ‘made for daily special occasions’, a positioning that sets them apart from standard offerings and deepens engagement with customers who want to make every meal matter. From social conversation to shopping cart conversion, this new focus has informed every touchpoint of the Made in Japan experience and increased reach, purchase, loyalty and satisfaction amongst a new breed of everyday dining enthusiasts.